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This new item is wonderful is use as show props or for parties

A show stopper for any occasion

The bowl or unit is 11" high and 8" wide. With cone bottom to top of flames  is about 17" tall.

On/off switch is built into cord.

instantly lights up surrounding walls with deep orange/yellow flickering light


This is one of the neatest thing to use  as a prop for  a show. Placed on a column on each side of a stage looks Fabulous. It congers up  a temple type atmosphere. 

Easy to set up & use.

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How it works:  This is one brilliant light trick!

Two high-intensity quartz halogen tinted bulbs, imbedded high speed fan and specially arranged fabric to create the illusion of fire. A forceful column of rushing air suspends the fabric in midair and collapses when turned off.

Pictures show when lamp is off


This is how it looks when on



Also comes in Cauldron Style hanging lamp.

8"D x 5" H 18" with chain.



Please state Flame Lamp or Cauldron.

Also, we carry replacement bulbs     PFLB 101...$13.50 each 


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