Making your own

Making your own



Appliqués   101

For starters we'll do something simple.

Find a patterned fabric which you can cutout the designs from.  If you find something in the color you're looking for, better yet!

Now, what you'll need is fusible fabric, fabric stiffener, sharp scissors, rhinestones, beads & sequins and beading needle/thread.



Iron the fusible fabric to the back of your fabric. You can now coat the stiffener over the top of the fabric, let dry completely and than cutout your design.  Or you can cutout the designs and than apply the stiffener.

The fun starts now.

The beading process begins.  If you found the colors your looking for, you can bead/sequin by the color of the fabric.  Like paint by numbers or you can change the color of beads/sequins to fit your needs. Rhinestones, sew on or glue on) can be added easily.  After you're done you can add it to your costume, be it a bra & belt set, skirt, vest or harempants.