For a number of years I work for Revlon and had learned numerous makeup tricks to make clients look their best





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 Q:  What is translucent powder used for?

A:  Translucent powders are designed to “set” make-up. The powder absorbs the oil or moisture in the make-up to create a dry surface on the skin. Translucent powders should not add color to your make-up. (Powders that incorporate foundations are used for coverage as a foundation and are not recommended for setting make-up)

Q:  Application Tip: A powder puff or large brush may be used to apply the powder as well as brush away any excess.
I tend to crease under the eyes when I apply powder, what am I doing wrong? 

A: You should smooth the area underneath the eyes before powdering to insure your application is flawless before setting. If you have applied concealer thinly under the eyes, you will avoid creases. Powder does not create a crease or accentuate lines-- thick make-up on the thin tissue under the eye does. 

Forget all the rules on concealer: green covers red, yellow covers red and brown, orange covers blue. This doesn’t seem simple. Many companies have developed concealers that match the skin tone. They are formulated with a great deal of pigment so a thin application will actually conceal or hide the various undertones. This makes the choice and application much easier and the results flawless. Simply pick the shade that best matches the skin tone at the lower eyelid.

Application Tip: Apply concealer with a small brush. This way you can apply the product in the same exact size and shape necessary. If you use your finger, the size of the area you cover is dependent on the size of your finger. 

Where can I apply concealer for the best coverage?

Under the eyes where discoloration is prominent. Between the inner eye and the nose often shows discoloration that can pinch the nose area, making one look tired, and can give the appearance of changing the eyelid shape. At the outer eye, where the upper and lower lid join, there is often a dark line of discoloration that draws down that can be concealed. You can also apply concealer to cover broken blood vessels and skin irregularities.

Powdering after foundation helps set the foundation, absorbs oil & serves as a boost for a flawless look. 

.If your skin tone is sallow use a pink or peach powder to lift the color and your spirits 

Don't add translucent face powder when your face starts to "oil"! This would make instant cakes. Use a face mist spray instead, afterwhich blot with tissue before applying the powder.

Use shimmery loose powder for a radiant look. Especially on dark skin.