For a number of years I work for Revlon and had learned numerous makeup tricks to make clients look their best


For a number of years I work for Revlon and had learned numerous makeup tricks to make clients look their best.


Our goal is to help you look GREAT!



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The tips on the site is for daytime wear or evening.

For performing go heavy on COLOR.  

Don't forget that the bright lights of the stage drowns out the color!

Using your regular makeup, you'll be a ghost.


May favorite is the glitter & shimmer makeup to use found on our site.    Makeup

All of the makeup is theatrical use but I myself, use it for special occasions .

If your wardrobe is predominantly of bright colors, your makeup look should be of muted tones. You donīt want to "compete" with your colors. However, you can use a subtle undertone of red or pink for your lipcolor to carry the same color theme throughout



9 Beauty myths that you should know 

Myth #1: pores open and close. 
Your pores are not doors. Remember this and it will make your life more simple. A pore is an opening in the skin that allows sebum to flow to the surface in order to keep the skin supple and from cracking. They do not open, they do not close. If your pores are appearing larger it is most likely because dead skin cells have built up on the pore. This is why exfoliation is important. Exfoliation helps to buff away dead skin cells and keeps the pores looking smaller and cleaner. Now, I will tell you that picking and squeezing on your pores can stretch and scar them. So obviously this is a no-no. If you are prone to clogged pores it is necessary to use an acid based product to keep the pores clean on the surface. 
Also as an added myth breaker...those Band-Aid type strips that are supposed to clean your pores do not work. They clean off hair and skin, but cannot pull the wax and oil out of a pore. An acid simply helps to buff off the surface oil and skin build-up which prevents the appearance of blackheads. 

myth #2: you must use products from one line only. 
Yeah, I know who came up with this one as I have heard it many times from someone selling one line only. I promise you that your face will not explode, crack, quake, wither, or die if you combine products from different lines. My philosophy is that many lines make wonderful products but not every product from a particular line is fabulous. That is why it is important for you to find items that work for you and pick and choose from what is available to you. Just because you like one brand of powder, for example, doesn't mean that their entire skincare, makeup and hair line is for you. Don't put yourself in a box. There are too many wonderful products out there. And everyone's skin is different. Just because it works for someone else doesn't mean that it will work for you. 

myth #3: skin needs to breath. 
Okay, let's all practice this one together. Your lungs breath, your skin holds your bones and guts together. Any questions? I know...this is an old one and the idea behind it isn't so bad. Yes it is nice to not put makeup on your face everyday. Not because makeup suffocates the skin. If this was true then we would get quite sick wearing makeup...if it really did cut off our skins oxygen. But makeup because it is a pigmented product can irritate or clog the skin. That is why your cleansing regiment is so important for you. Use good products and never sleep in makeup. That's it.

myth #4: oily skin should be dried out. 
Oil production is very important for the maintenance of our skin. Most people are not nearly as oily as they think.  If you are truly an oily skin it is very important to not dry out the skin but keep it balanced and clean. Hydration and oiliness are very separate. Just because your skin is oily doesn't mean that it needs no moisture. We put moisture on the skin to help it stay supple as it receives oil and water from the inside. If the skin is dehydrated we often begin producing more oil as our skin tries to compensate. This is the reason that many skins breakout. They have a dry flaky layer on the top surface and the oil that the skin produces gets trapped underneath and becomes infected. This is why it is so important to keep the outer layer of skin exfoliated and moisturized. 
Also, most oily skin cleansers are way to harsh and drying for the skin. The skin should never feel tight or dry or burn after washing. Also anything that burns or "cools" the skin is damaging it. Use those products on sunburns, your legs, or clean your tub with them...but do not put them on the face. 

myth #5: A light tan looks good. 
Do you know what I see when I look at a tan skin? Damage. Your skin doesn't brown because it is happy about the sun exposure it is getting. It browns the same way that a piece of toast browns..because it is being cooked. If you are wearing a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 everyday you will still get a bit of color during the warm months of the year. This is inevitable. But if you are putting yourself out in the sun to darken your skin then you are asking to look like a Coach handbag in 10 years. For you young girls, those large freckles and spots you see on older women's skin...if you are tanning now then you already have them. They won't show up until your mid-20's to mid-30's but the damage has been done. Beautiful skin is about clarity and evenness and smoothness....

myth #6: Blue eyes should wear blue eyeshadow. 
I will make this one short and sweet. if you put a ruby in a red velvet box, what happens to the ruby? It disappears or at the least becomes less noticeable. The same applies to eyeshadow. contrast and compliment your eye color..don't match it. 

myth # 7: green cuts red. 
All right, I admit does cut red. But so does yellow. And from a makeup perspective yellow is much more prevalent in the skin than green. What do you think looks more like healthy skin? Green toned skin or yellow toned skin? Yellow as a neutralizer is prettier, easier to work with and more real. 

myth #8: I can't wear red lipstick. 
I hear this one a lot and my answer is the same for any skin color. Anyone can wear red lipstick if you know what red to look for. The Marilyn Monroe red is best on light skin tones with light eyes. If you have a medium complexion you will look best in brown reds. I like warm brown reds for olive tones and cool brown reds and burgundies for darker and red toned skins. I also adore sheer reds for less strong makeup looks. 

Myth #9: Shine in the t-zone equates oily skin. 
I admit that I get a little bit frustrated with all of the email I get about how oily people are. So let's cut to the chase. First of all the t-zone is the area across your nose and down your chin. Think of a lower case "t". Second oiliness or lack of it is judged by the cheeks. If your cheeks develop a shine within a couple of hours after applying makeup then yes you are oily. Shine in the t-zone indicates a normal skin. Dry skins know that they are dry and oily skins know that they are oily. Normal skins tend to think that they are oilier than they are. Check the cheeks to be sure.