For a number of years I work for Revlon and had learned numerous makeup tricks to make clients look their best





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How do I choose the perfect lip color? 

Observe yourself but remember color is an accessory. What color is your wardrobe and what color are you currently wearing? Select three colors in the same range- light, medium and dark. Try on each color and pick the one you feel most comfortable wearing. 

For someone with copper colored hair, warm earth tones are best. For the eyes wear a bronze or gold eyeshadow with a teak eyeliner. Lipstick in a rust with a gold accent would be pretty 

That depends on what you’re going for. For a natural lip look- cover the entire lip area with a pencil close to your lips natural shade. For intensified color- apply pencil over the entire lip area followed by a coordinating lipstick. For fuller lips- outline lips slightly outside the lip line and fill in with lipstick. In most cases you will want a pencil slightly darker than the lipstick. (Remember the lips have more color then the surrounding skin. Therefore the darker pencil is necessary to compensate). To correct uneven lips- Simply even the lips with the lip pencil and fill with lipstick. To minimize lipstick bleeding- Outline the lips with a broad line using a lip pencil. Powder the pencil line. Fill in the lips with lipstick, but carry the lipstick just up to the lip pencil. This helps set a barrier for the more emollient lipstick. 

 Brown Shimmer Lipstick 
With the utilitarian styles of this fall and the mix of black, grey, and white, this is the lipstick color to wear. I use this a ton when I want something natural but still edgy. It is a malt color with silver and brown shimmers in it. A great natural for dark skins, funky for light and medium. Also, mix with your pale pinks from summer as a transition color into fall. 

The Gold & Silver lipsticks go great over any colored lipstick to add a customized look.  Also, if you have used the gold or silver glitter powder & makeup.

Color your lips fully with a lip liner before applying lipstick so you won't be caught with the "borders lined while the rest of the lipstick in between is gone" look. 

+ Use a lip liner that is lighter or close to the lipstick color. 

+ To make lipstick stick longer to your lips, blot with a piece of tissue in between coats of lip lining & lipstick. Then cover your lips with an used side of the same tissue & brush a thin layer of loose powder. Remove tissue & press lips together to set powder. 

+ To make thin lips look fuller, line outer lips with a darker shade of lipstick or liner before filling it with a complementary color. Top it off with lip gloss. 

+ Matt lipstick tends to be cakey so if you don't like it try applying moistening & creamy lipsticks instead. 

+ Lipsticks have used as eye shadows too! 

+ Many fashion & beauty magazine editors seem to agree that lip color should not match nail color; it makes you look dated. What say you? 

+ Go near to a window in the daytime for natural light when applying makeup. In the evening, use white light instead of yellow light (incandescent bulbs).

Try mixing different shades of lipstick cos' you might just discover a totally unique color that makes people stop & ask you for the name of that color. Ha! So even when you've bought the wrong shade, mixing it around can give the lipstick a new lease of life. 

Red lipstick can be worn by a variety of complexions. Someone with dark hair and dark eyes looks best in a medium to dark shade of red lipstick. A blue eyed blonde-haired woman can wear red but in a softer shade. Asian women wear red very well and can wear the deepest maroon, a stark contrast with their fair skin. Once you see yourself in red, you won´t wear anything else. 

If wearing a smoky, sultry eyeshadow look, it is best to wear a toned down lipcolor. For fall, if wearing plum eyecolor, wear a soft pink lipstick and always follow with a silver frosted lipgloss

To update an old lipstick color, try one of the new frosted lip glosses. Begin with a bright lipcolor and add a complimentary lip gloss. For example, the newest rage is silver lip gloss over a bright pink lipstick. You´ll look like you walked off a French designer´s runway.