For a number of years I work for Revlon and had learned numerous makeup tricks to make clients look their best





Shading - Contouring

Eyes - Brows - Lashes






Bronzing Sticks #2 and #3
With the look of makeup this year being very fresh and light, these sticks are a wonderful way to achieve color without that powdery "makeup" look. The creams are cool brown toned and give the skin contour and color that looks real, from within. To use: rub index finger over product, and dot on apple of cheek. Work cream up underside of cheekbone and down from the apple. Apply to sides of nose, forehead, and chin if wanting a "bronze" look. Avoid #1 as it is too warm and light to create a good look. Not recommended for oily skins, use her #2 or #3 bronzing powder instead.

2. Creme Blush Stick- 
These sticks give the same effect as the creme bronzer, much more real and fresh. But, only use Warm Peach, Pale Pink, Tawny, Soft Pink, as the other shades are too orange or strong. Apply over bronzer on apples only, blending down to create a "ruddy" look. If using alone apply same as bronzing stick above, but avoid chin and forehead.