Hanezebs   Theatrical-Glamour Makeup

Accessories    3    Theatrical-Glamour Makeup   


All prices subject to change without notice


Accessories 1

Arm Bracelets and Foot Covers

Accessories 2

Arm Bracelets,  Faux Coins (loose), Split Rings (Loose), Loose Scarabs, Mummy Beads and  Dance Canes

Accessories 3A

Theatrical Glitter Make-up



Beaded Cuffs & Anklets


Accessories 4


Accessories 4A

More Wigs


Accessories 4B

Wig Care

Accessories  5

Egyptian & Turkish Beaded Fringe

Accessories 7

Eye Lashes























1/2 oz. Theatrical-glamour foundation.  Excellent coverage.  Smooth & silky and endures hot lights & sweat.

$7.95 each


Eye Shadow / Lining Shades 

 $3.95 each

Accentuate the most important element of the face, the eyes!

These shades will bring out the best, also used for other areas of the face for toning and evening skin color



Cream Rouges & Highlighters 

 $3.95 each

Cream rouges create the level of warmth in a face while the highlighters accentuate the detail or hide existing creases in the face.







Cream Lipstick   

$3.99 each

Ideal for stage or glamour shots.  Apply directly from the stick or for more control use a lip brush.
















Lip or Eye Lining Pencils

 $1.85 each






















Face Powders

1/2oz .... $2.75          5oz .... $8.00













Setting Spray   

2 oz .... $5.00




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Inquiries or to place an order call/fax: (770) 251-8821  or  email: hanezeb@aol.com


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